In less than two weeks, the third season of Big Brother Naija will kick off, as well as the conversations which the reality show is known to stir up.

Over the course of the ninety days, which will see house-mates shut out from the rest of the world, many things will likely happen.

House-mates will quickly try to warm their way into the hearts of viewers, who in turn will begin to identify their favourites. Then as things begin to heat up, many will eventually embarrass themselves and their family members on social media as they get into online fights defending their preferred housemates.

After all, what's a Big Brother Naija show if there aren't strongly divided opinions?

Speaking of strong opinions, Big Brother Naija season two was unarguably one of the most controversy-filled and talked-about shows in the entire Big Brother (Africa) franchise history. So we fully expect the show producers to attempt to surpass this record with interesting twists and surprises. Basically, "expected the unexpected" as this season's tagline reads.

So what surprises could lay in store for Big Brother Naija 3 viewers? We can think of a few.

Tonto Dikeh would definitely make an interesting Big Brother Naija housemate (Photo credit: Fab)

1. Celebrity housemate(s): this is definitely something we think could be on the table for Big Brother Naija 3. Not only would it be the ultimate plot twist, it would also bring in the entertainment value BBNaija producers need to keep the show buzzing. It would also be interesting to watch how celebrities would hold up against non-celebrity contestants. Definitely something worth looking out for.

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2. Old housemates returned: Another plausible scenario that could guarantee eyeballs and intrigue is the possibility of returning former Big Brother Naija housemates. From Francesca, Ify and Gideon in season one to Gifty, Thin Tall Tony and Tboss in season two, it would definitely be something to look forward to.

Tboss and Bisola of Big Brother Naija 2 enjoyed a girl's night out after their exit from the house (Photo credit: Instagram)

3. Multiple houses: Not an entirely new concept on Big Brother Naija, we expect some housemates to be sent to a different house at some point, or even possibly, have two separate houses with different housemates competing against each other without even knowing. Talk about the unexpected.

Big Brother Naija 2 winner, Efe being presented his cheque (Photo credit: Guardian)

4. Plot twist: With 45 million up for grabs, it's definitely going to be a long road to the finale. So we expect a major plot twist at some point - there may end up being two winners in the end, or a wild card housemate introduced much later in the game a la Katung in Big Brother Naija season one. 

Whichever way the show swings, we'll definitely be watching.