“Whenever I meet a Nigerian, I ask, “What do you like the most about your country?” There invariable reply from more than a thousand Nigerians is “I like the Nigerian people,” a US ambassador said.

Every statement that has come from the American government at this period of agitation for the Republic of Biafra has emphasised the need for Nigeria to be together.

Again, U.S. Ambassador Stuart Symington on Thursday demanded that the leadership in Nigeria should preserve the nation’s unity.

Symington was addressing a gathering at an event he organised in Abuja to celebrate the 241st independence anniversary of the U. S.

The envoy highlighted that Nigeria is blessed with visionary and dedicated leaders and believes the country is capable of facing and overcoming its challenges.

The envoy said that both the U. S. and Nigeria share incredible diversity as nations.

“Just like the U.S., Nigeria is a wonderfully diverse nation which differences and diversity are sources of strength and a reason for pride," he said.