Is Kim Kardashian famzing with Beyonce?

Mrs Jay Z is in the news for an act that seems to be emphasizing the fact that she isn’t friends Mrs Kanye West.

There are reports that the latest celebrity Mama Ibeji, rejected the gifts sent by Kim Kardashian after she gave birth to her twins.

A source told Heat magazine, “Kim sent one of her KKW contouring kits, in a gold box, worth $150,000.

“She thought that, because they weren’t even out yet, Bey would love it.

“She also sent about $10,000 worth of clothes for Beyoncé’s older child, Blue Ivy, from her and Kanye’s sold-out children’s fashion line, while she also had some pieces specially tailored for the infants.”

Explaining that she didn’t want to hold on to the presents, the insider said: “Bey gave them to the nurses in the hospital for their kids.

“It looks like a bit of a snub from the mother-of-three, but a kind gesture all the same to give the loot away to the nurses,” someone had reflected.

There are reports that Kanye West's feud with rapper Jay-Z is due to his failure to make Jay-Z to get their wives to be friends.

According to a source, West was forcing his wife to be friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce so they could have a better relationship, but Beyonce had little in common with her.

"Beyonce is a Southern, God-fearing woman, despite what you may see when she's entertaining. She may not have much in common with Kim," the source added.