Free Wi-Fis are springing up in public places in Lagos including commercial buses, parks, hotels and other recreational centres.

Of course, as a smartphone user, you are excited about it; but you need to be careful.

The free Wi-fi may have been hijacked by hackers who would not hesitate to invade your phone and steal sensitive information.

That is why Nigeria’s e-commerce company, Yudala has warned smartphone users against reckless use of free public Wi-Fi.

Yudala’s Head of Corporate Communications, Gideon Ayogu gave the warning in a statement on Wednesday in Lagos.

“Findings by the Research and Development Unit of Yudala shows that caution must however be exercised when accessing sensitive personal information.

“Caution must be exercised when carrying out online shopping or mobile banking activities over a free public Wi-Fi connection, as this could predispose one to grave losses from hackers.

“Armed with routers, remote spying software and other tools of their nefarious trade, these hackers, whose increasing level of sophistication is a source of global alarm, are capable of setting up fake hot spots,” Ayogu said.

Do not say you have not been warned.