Fruits and vegetables are great sources of essential vitamins and minerals that the human body needs, but it is not all of them that you should eat. 

Have you ever found an orange and concluded it was ready and ripe for you to eat only to open it up, taste it and discover that it was just a little different from lime in terms of taste? 

There is always a reason that happens and a Nutritionist, Dr Grace Olasumbo, wants you to give attention to such fruits and some other vegetable with such tendencies. In fact, she wants you to avoid them.

Some of these fruits and vegetables, if you take a good look at them, will notice that they do not have uniform colours. Some have yellow and green patches. 

Why are they so?

Dr. Olasumbo says most of them have been forced to ripe using deadly substances – carbide, detergent and other chemicals.

The Nigerian government is concerned over the dangers that these chemicals potend.

She emphasised that fruits and vegetables that appear with yellow and green patches were an indication of artificial ripening, which is most prevalent at the beginning of a fruit season.

What Danger Do I Face?  

The nutritionist added that calcium carbide remains the most commonly used chemical for ripening these fruits.

“This is the same chemical that is used to manufacture fire-crackers; they are also used as pesticides.

“They contain phosphorous and releases acetylene gas, which hastens the ripening of fruits.

“When an individual takes in such poisonous substance, the chemical components would cause a fatal reaction which could affect the liver, kidney and throat.

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“Intake of Calcium Carbide has also been found to be the leading cause of various health conditions such as diarrhoea, severe gastrointestinal upset, eye problems, ulcers and emotional trauma.

“Others are restlessness, seizures, tremors, irritation of the skin, mouth, throat, liver and cancer,” she said.

How Else Will I Know?

Olasumbo added that careful physical examination of the fruits before buying would save Nigerians from having these diseases.

She advised that people should pick their fruits wisely at the stores or markets.

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“Fruits such as bananas, mangoes, apples, watermelons, orange, peers, among others, should be properly checked.

 “The texture will also be hard even when it appears yellow.The fruits will also be low on flavour, less juicy and often will not be as sweet as they should,” the News Agency of Nigeria quoted Dr. Olasumbo as saying.

Besides, the nutritionist advised Nigerians to ensure adequate washing of fruits and vegetables before consumption and once the taste is odd, they should discontinue its intake.

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