Davido might have unknowingly caused a new wave in Nigeria and it is not a good thing.

He might have just given rapists a new idea on how to get their victims.

For the award ceremony, Davido wore a 57,000 Naira black satin shirt with the word 'KETAMIN' written across it.

Ketamine is the name of an anesthetic. It has been called the ‘party drug’ and is notorious in Europe and North America.

According to a Women's Health group, Ketamine which has the street names Special K, Kit Kat and K-Hole, is the third most common date rape drug.

Amaka Chukwuma, a Hospital Pharmacist, who spoke to Bounce News, said Ketamine is not a preferred anesthetic used by doctors, but Davido might have made people more aware of the drug and its uses from his shirt.

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“In Nigeria, it is not easily accessible, but in the wrong hands it can be abused like Tramadol or Codeine.

"If there is a market, traders who have the license could start making money from it, without caring that they are killing people", she told Bounce News.

Wearing a shirt with the name of a date rape drug written on it, might not have been a smart move by the DMW boss.