A detachment of heavily armed policemen have shutdown the Benue State House of Assembly.

The policemen blocked the entrance to the Assembly complex, denying workers access.

Reports indicate that the police may have been deployed to restore order.

Eight members of the Assembly had sat and served impeachment notice on Governor Samuel Ortom.

Many youths had trooped to the gate of the Assembly complex to take positions as a result of alleged plot to remove the governor.

However, tension grew further when some other youths who were against Ortom also arrived and both camps threatened fire and brimstones over the plot.

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Their attempt to gain access to the Assembly complex led to a bloody clash where some youths sustained injuries.

The police were, thus, called to prevent the breakdown of law and other.

On arrival, the policemen were said to have shot in the air and released tear gas vessels to disperse the protesting youths.

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