The relationship between the Benue governor, Samuel Ortom and his Nasarawa counterpart has been strained over the recent herdsmen crisis in Benue.

The Benue governor caused a stir when he alleged that the armed herdsmen who attacked Guma and Logo villages in Benue were camped in Tunga village of Awe Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

This led Governor Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa to quickly cut short his holiday abroad to address the issue.

Spokesperson to the Nasarawa state governor, Yakubu Lamai said this on Thursday when he appeared on a breakfast TV programme in Lagos.

He said that the allegation was totally wrong and there were no facts to back up the claim.

“When he (Benue governor) levelled his allegations against Nasarawa state, he was vehement, it was with clarity and emphasis.

“One would expect, as the measure of a leader, especially a governor, that if you want to make such clear and tacit allegation which is dangerous and damaging on whatever business, (you should have facts).

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“Nasarawa state was completely taken aback. We felt ‘where is this coming from?’”

He, however, revealed that the Benue state governor has apologized “on a personal level” to the Nasarawa state governor.

But since the mode of communication between states in Nigeria is formal, one would wonder if the apology has been accepted.

“Naturally, they are friends and I am sure its accepted. Any apology is fine, we’ll like to work with Benue state.

“Even the people of Nasarawa state – the traditional institution, the people themselves and even those in Tunga, their integrity has been called into question,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr Ibrahim Idris, has equally dismissed Governor Samuel Ortom’s allegation.

After a visit to Tunga, he said “nothing like that has happened”.

This issue highlights a big communication gap at that level of political leadership and what needs to be clear is how much impact this will have on the security architecture of that part of the country.


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