Benue State is Nigeria's Food Basket.

Blessed with the popular River Benue, the State has access to water for irrigation farming, a situation that has contributed to high yield of farm produce.

However, the river's blessings topped by heavy rains has left hundreds of people homeless while several others have fled their communities in search of ground.

Clatters of rain on the roof have turned heavier than expected and have continued for days, washing away peoples hopes and dreams.

Threat To Food Security

Agony, pain and devastation are words that easily come to mind, as the blessing of the River Benue gradually flows into the streets of Makurdi, the capital city, taking over homes, schools and churches.

The rains lasted for minutes, hours and days. It has left behind high tides and no joy.

Benu and houston flood.

It is a replica of the situation in Houston, U.S., an evidence of the revolt of the climate against human activities.

Benue is prone to flood, but the situation at the moment is causing panic. It's impact will surely be felt across the nation posing grave threat to food security.

Farms have been submerged, with farmers left with no option than to void their farming plans. Harvest time that is few months away for some farms have been made to happen now.

Yams are taken from the ground by force while other crops that cannot be harvested have been washed away, with some farmers remedying a few that add up to half baskets.

There is already Hunger in the northeast, there are fears it might spread to more states if Benue is not salvaged immediately.

Food scarcity looms.

Policy analyst, Dr. Boniface Chizea, has linked current rising price of food items to flooding and insurrection in the northeast.

People now move around in canoes with fishing nets in areas people reside while some have fun, finding a natural swimming pool in the midst of the flood, a reason they say Nigerians may still be among the happiest people in the world. 

Benue flooding

The government seems helpless at this time, as it has asked for help from Federal authorities and the people. It appears no plan was on ground to stop the flood.

It is a natural disaster, but human activities have been linked to flooding and Nigerians appear to be carefree when it comes to caring for the environment.

Benue needs help, as the basket could not hold the flood that has come to wash away its content.

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See photos of the devastation.

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Benue flooding
Benue flooding
Benue flooding
Benue flooding
Benue flooding