Another drama played out on Monday in the 30-member Benue State House of Assembly as both factions of the troubled House suspended themselves.

22 members of the House had last week suspended its Speaker, Terkimibi Ikyange and replaced him with new Speaker, Titus Uba (Kyaan Constituency).

On Friday, the members slammed a 6-month suspension on the ousted Speaker.

But Ikyange, who had consistently insisted that he remains Speaker, on Monday led his faction of eight members to gain access into the Assembly’s chambers amidst tight security to threaten Governor Samuel Ortom with an impeachment notice.

The 8-member faction also suspended their other 22 Uba-led colleagues for gross illegality.

In a swift response however, the faction of 22 lawmakers who executed the impeachment of Ikyange as well as his suspension last week and installed newly elected Speaker, Uba held a contrary sitting at the Government House and in turn suspended seven of those that threatened the governor.

The seven suspended lawmakers are Adanyi Benjamin, Terhemba Chabo, Benjamin Nungwa, Bem Mngutyo, Adams Okloho, James Okefe and Nick Eworo.

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The Uba faction emphasised that a quorum which is two-third of the assembly should be 10 lawmakers and wondered why only eight members would claim that they had formed a quorum.

The Uba lawmakers have also called on the international community to beam its searchlight on the impunity by the police to protect members belonging to Ikaynge faction to gain access into the complex.

Earlier today, the fresh crisis took a newer dimension as some youths occupied the Assembly complex following an alleged uncovered plot that some members are making moves to impeach the governor.

The police was however said to have quelled the chaos by dispersing them (youths) with tear gas.

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