It's another adventure-filled week with Vivian

When Segun showed up at my apartment on Saturday afternoon, I could hardly recognize him. I had gotten so used to seeing him in formal clothes that it was a surprise to see him dressed in a T-shirt, jeans and pair of leather sandals on his shapely feet. The combination made him look…well, younger.

“Hi,” I greeted him as I opened the door wider to give him access into my apartment.

“Hello Vivian,” he replied with a wide smile.

“You look breathtaking.” His compliment made me feel self-conscious and I suddenly felt over-dressed in my purple figure-hugging Vivienne Westwood dress and nude Jimmy Choo high heeled sandals.

“Thanks, but maybe I should do like you and wear something simple instead,” I said.

“No, please don’t. You perfect like this,” he gushed.

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I fought hard not to roll my eyes. For some strange reason, his lavish compliments were getting on my damn nerves!

“Ok. If you say so.”

“Oh yes, I insist!” He said enthusiastically with an even wider smile. I was afraid his face would split in half if that smile increased a notch, because it seemed like his mouth had stretched to its limit.

“Esohe!” I called out to my temporary roommate who was Face-Timing one of her ‘clients’.  I yelled her name again when she didn’t respond the first time.

“Wetin na?” She yelled back irritably.

“I’m going out o. Come and lock the door.”

“She’s still staying here?” Segun asked, sounding concerned.

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“Yes. That stupid white man is still hounding her and has been bugging her friends to help him track her down. According to him, he wants to apologise for everything because it was a huge misunderstanding.”

“Can you just imagine! That man must be a crazy fool. We could flip this over and sue him, you know.”

“That’s what I said, but Esohe would have none of it. People that pull crazy stunts like that need to be taught a lesson.”

“Wetin you dey call me for?” Esohe asked as she walked into the living room in one of my pyjamas, her eyes glued to her iPhone with the earphones plugged in her ears.

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“Hello Esohe,” Segun greeted her.

Her head snapped up in surprise. She hadn’t been aware that we had a visitor.

“Ah, bros Segun. Good afternoon sir. I didn’t see you before.” She had the grace to look embarrassed.

“I know you didn’t. How are you?”

“I’m fine sir. And you?”

“Very well. I hear that man that had you arrested has been trying to reach you.”

“Yes o. He said he wants to see me and apologise to me for what happened, but me I don’t believe him. I feel it’s a trap and that is why I am still staying here because all those other girls that I work with don’t know Vivian. When he goes back to America, I will return to my place.”

Esohe’s attempt at speaking proper English was quite impressive. I felt so proud of her at that very moment. Segun sighed.

“You shouldn’t have to hide like a criminal when you’re not one. You know we could sue him for falsely accusing you of stealing and having you locked up in a cell with no evidence that you committed a crime.”

She shook her head vigorously. “Please I don’t want that. As long as he cannot reach me, I’m fine.”

“Ok then, if you insist. But feel free to call me if you change your mind.”

“Thank you sir,” she said shyly.

“You’re welcome,” I said to her before he could respond.

“Oya let’s go. It’s not Esohe you came here to see na,'' he laughed.

“There’s love in sharing,” he said.

“Nope, not now,” I told him as I picked up my Michael Kors handbag and playfully pushed him towards the front door.

“Auntie abeg come lock door,” I said to Esohe.

“Bye bye. Have fun!” She called after us as we left.

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The drive from Lekki to Ikeja was smooth, and Segun turned out to be a great conversationalist and interesting road trip companion. We gisted about everything; from trending online gossips, to politics, sports and even religion. I got to know that he was gradually becoming an atheist because in his opinion, religion has failed us a people in Nigeria.

“Don’t let my mother hear you say such,” I told him playfully.

“Oh, my lips are sealed!” He replied with a laugh.

We finally arrived at the restaurant and I immediately understood what all the fuss was about. The environment and setting was quite unique, it was like we had stepped into Europe in the heart of Lagos. When the menu arrived, I was shocked to see the price tags on the meals.

“This is not a place for the faint-hearted,” I remarked as I scanned the menu looking for something cheap to order. There was no such thing on it.

Segun chuckled.

“My bank account will definitely be dented once we’re done here,” I laughed.

“Ok, I say we go Dutch and split the bill 50/50.”

“What! No way, Vivian. I was only joking,” he said sounding horrified.

“Chauvinistic much,” I commented.

“No, it’s not chauvinism. I initiated this date so I’m paying.”

“Your bank accounted just winced,” I said mischievously. He laughed.

“Vivian! I love your sense of humour, honestly,” I smiled.

Maybe being with this guy wouldn’t be all that bad after all. He’s turning out to be more fun than I expected. Ok Vivian, my mind said. Let’s do this!

** To be continued in episode 9**