It was the final week of November and the days seemed to drag on endlessly as if the month didn’t want to give way to the next one.

Work was also uneventful. I was still stuck on negotiating a handsome deal for my firm for an end of the year campaign with a Lagos based fast food chain. The CEO was being a stingy asshole and I wasn’t ready to budge either, not after I know how much he paid another firm last year for a campaign that eventually flopped. You want something great, you gotta pay for it.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take the boredom that was rocking my world any more, Segun called me on Wednesday.

Will Vivian finally agree to date Segun?

“Hello Vivian,” he greeted cheerfully when I answered the call.

“I’m doing great. And you?”

“Fine, fine.”

“So what’s up?” Pause.

“How is your day going?” He finally asked.

“Fine, fine,” I replied mimicking him.

“Uh, ok.” He said awkwardly. “I just thought to check on you.” I laughed.

“Since when do you just call to check up on me?” I asked suspiciously.

He cleared his throat nervously. “Ok let me cut to the chase. Actually, I’m calling because Ronke thought it’d be a great idea for you and I to hang out, you know, like a date.” I stifled my laugh.

Gosh, he sounded like a teenage boy asking his crush out on a first date.

“So you are asking me out on a date because Ronke suggested it?”

“No no no,” he denied quickly. “I’m just saying she mentioned it to me recently but in truth I’ve been thinking along those lines myself. Although after the last time I asked you out and you turned me down, I thought I’d chill a little before asking you again.”

His awkwardness was truly adorable. I smiled. “Alright Segun. When is our date?”

My question must have taken him by surprise because he was quiet for a couple of seconds before speaking again. “Uh, where would you like to go?” He asked tentatively.

I suppressed a sigh. This is why a relationship between me and this guy can never work – he’s such a people pleaser.

“Actually, I don’t have any place in mind right now.”

“Ok, there’s this new restaurant that just opened in Ikeja and people are going crazy about the place. Maybe we should check it out.”

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I thought about it. Going all the way to the mainland for a date isn’t something that can work on a weekday with all the Lagos traffic that would be involved. We could hang out on Saturday and I could go see my folks in Ipaja afterwards.

''Cool!How about we do that on Saturday?” I asked.

“Sounds good. What time should I come pick you up?”

“Noon is fine,” I told him.

“Ok then. So uh, I’ll see you on Saturday.” The blatant excitement in his voice was embarrassing. I’m so used to men keeping their emotions in check and acting aloof when asking a girl out, as if they didn’t really care if she said yes or no. However, this Segun’s obvious joy at having a date with me wasn’t flattering at all.What is wrong with me?

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“Hello?” He said into the phone when I didn’t respond to his last statement.

“Yeah, sure. See you on Saturday, Segun.” 

“Ok, bye.”

The moment I dropped my phone, Ronke walked into my office.

“Were you listening to our phone conversation?” I asked her suspiciously. She gave me a puzzled look.

“What are you talking about?”

“Your brother just called me now. We are going on a date this Saturday.”Her face broke into a huge smile.


“Wipe that smile off your face Ronke. You’re expecting too much.”

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“And you’re being too pessimistic,” she said. “Trust me; this is the beginning of something really good.”I sighed.

“You’re the one whose heart would be broken when this doesn’t work out.”

“If Vivian. If it doesn’t work out.” She replied firmly.

“Ok o. God know say I don talk my own.

“Auntie leave God out of this. The ball is in your court.”I laughed.

“I hear you o, Madam Matchmaker.”

“Na me be dat o!” I shook my head slowly. Ronke is really expecting too much and I sincerely hope our friendship doesn’t take a hit if things eventually don’t work out with Segun.

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'Stop expecting the worst,' my mind told me. Your negative thinking is already ruining everything before it even starts. Perhaps you’re afraid you’re the one whose heart would be broken.Oh well! Let’s just see how this goes then.

** To be continued in episode 8 **