Raymond “Ray” Oluseyi Adeniyi was the true definition of a Yoruba demon, but I was too smitten to listen to the warning bells blaring in my head.

From the charming smile to the glistening dark chocolate skin to his confident (almost arrogant) demeanor, I knew he was trouble from the get go but that didn’t stop me. I’ve been pairing up with good guys nearly all my life, what would it hurt to hang out on the wild side a little bit? It’s not like I want to marry him or anything. It’s just going to be a brief, naughty fling and that’s it.

Let's go on an adventure with Vivian...

Oh how wrong I was! I wanted more than more; I wanted all of him for myself alone but that was not to be.

Ray was a talent manager and show promoter so he was fully ingrained into the entertainment industry. I later got to know that he was one of the best at what he did, and being the best meant being sought after by everyone including shameless groupies. It all came with the job but I never liked that part of it and I always told him so.

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“Ignore them, Vivi,” he’d assure me smoothly.

“They don’t count. They’re just fans.”

“Oh please. Fans or side chicks?” I’d ask trying not to sound jealous, but he always saw through my act.

“You’re the one I’m with Vivi, so believe me when I say they don’t count” he’d say with a tone of finality which usually ended such episodes.

As much as he tried to make me feel like the one and only, I always knew he wasn’t 100% faithful to me. I wasn’t even sure if we were completely exclusive; our relationship consisted of weekly date nights that happened at nightclubs and weekends spent having crazy sex.

Gosh, did I mention how great Ray was at it? The guy had a double PhD in love making and I enjoyed it to the fullest. That was one part of our relationship that I missed so badly after we broke up. Along with his charm and sexy talent, Ray was a heavy spender. He spent his money as he made it, which worried me a lot.

However, he was always quick to remind me that there was still much more he hadn’t even touched. Apparently, his family came from old money, and he was a trust fund kid. But even at that, I never felt comfortable with the way he threw his money around, or how much he spent on designer gifts for me. It made me feel like a kept woman (as ridiculous as that might sound).I had to keep reminding myself to enjoy it all while it lasted. Which was all of 18 weeks.

Trouble began when I noticed one particular bartender, Jessie, was overly friendly with Ray each time we had our date night at the club where she worked. She was my exact opposite – light-skinned, tiny as a needle, too loud, spiky bleached blonde hair and every bit unladylike.

She was just so irritating on sight. I don’t know if I disliked her because of her familiarity with Ray or because of the way she always gave me that why-are-you-so-uptight look every time. The annoying Jessie simply took it upon herself to always serve our drinks on date nights which gave her the perfect opportunity to share disgustingly lewd jokes with Ray.

“Isn’t there any other bartender that can attend to us whenever we come here?” I pointedly asked Ray on one occasion.

He smiled knowingly and said, “Give it a rest, Vivi. She’s just being friendly.”

“You mean she’s way too friendly,” I said without bothering to hide my annoyance.

“Shouldn’t there be a limit to how familiar she can get with her customers?”

“Good Lord, Vivian! What do you want me to do?”

“Ignoring her would be a good start.”

He threw his head back and laughed.

“Do you know how cute you look when you get jealous?”

“Me? Jealous? Please!” I huffed dramatically.

“Ok, fine. Next time we come here, I’ll make sure she doesn’t serve us. That cool with you?”

I shrugged.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a next time because the following week, Ray had to cancel our usual date night because he had a client’s show to attend. As fate would have it, I saw an ad for the show he was talking about on Instagram and it turned out to be slated for the following week.

I tried calling him to let him know he’d had the dates mixed up but he never answered. So I thought to myself, ‘Since I’ll be going to his place tomorrow for the weekend, why don’t I just go there tonight and go to work from there in the morning?’

That was how I packed a bag and hopped into my car to go meet my supposed boo. When I got to his place, I tried unlocking his door with the spare key he’d given me but it kept bouncing back. I was confused. I tried a few more times but the key never went all the way in, meaning the door was locked from inside.

I banged on the door several times but got no response. As I turned to leave, the door swung open and there stood Ray all sweaty and slightly panting. He was wearing only a pair of boxers and it seemed like he had a semi erection going on in it. His expression switched from annoyance to surprise and then anxiety. Before I could ask him what was going on, Jessie showed up from his bedroom dressed in his T-shirt. She looked so disheveled that I didn’t need a soothsayer to explain the scene unfolding before me.

“Oh, I see…” I said.

“It all makes sense now.”

Ray sighed. “Vivi plea –”“My name is Vivian,” I said through clenched teeth. 

“Ok. Vivian. I can explain what –”

“You don’t owe her an explanation!” Jessie said emphatically, cutting him off. Ray gave her a deadly look but obviously she wasn’t fazed by it because she kept talking.

“It’s not like you guys are married or anything, so what’s all this drama about?”

I have always prided myself in being able to control my temper even in the most stressful situations, but at that very moment, I lost it. My eyes saw red and like an angry bull, I shoved Ray out of the way and charged into the apartment heading straight for Jessie’s tiny neck.

** To be continued in episode 6 **