t's the 4th week of Vivian's exciting adventures

I met Ray early last year at Dior Nior nightclub when my former school mate and friend, Olachi Odogwu, celebrated her 35th birthday. 

Her husband, Chief Vitalis Ikenna Odogwu (owner of Vitalo Oil & Gas and a chain of other businesses) initially kicked against the idea of his wife having her birthday celebration in a club. 

“What responsible married woman throws a party in a nightclub?” He had thundered.

“What kind of example are you setting for your children?”, “They are seven years old, Chiefy,” Olachi had responded.

“They don’t even know what a nightclub is, plus they’ll be asleep while I party.”

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“I don’t care if they will be asleep or awake. You’re not having your birthday party in a club and that’s final!”

Olachi had pouted and said in a baby voice, “Chiefy, you promised to make me happy and always give me what I want. Are you going back on your promise now?”

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Well, my friend really did know how to press her husband’s mumu button because he softened and said gruffly, “Okay, but I don’t want all those foolish small boys to come and snatch you away from me.”

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Being 30 years older than his wife, Chief Vitalis was forever afraid of losing his exquisitely beautiful trophy wife to any opportunistic f*ck boy that could come across her way on the streets of Lagos.

“Chiefy!!! Nobody can snatch me away from you,” Olachi had assured him with a laugh. “I am yours for life. Plus I’ll be at the VIP corner with my girlfriends only. You have nothing to fear. Abi, Vivian?”

I was privy to this conversation because the sneaky Olachi had invited me over to her place to help convince her husband to allow her have her birthday bash at the club. Clearly, my input wasn’t really needed after all.

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“Yes, that’s right Chief,” I said with a convincing grin. “It’s going to be just us ladies.”

And so, Chief Vitalis had grudgingly agreed and the party went down as planned. The groove was mad lit and the DJ clearly knew his stuff. Olachi and 8 other friends and I rocked our spot at the VIP lounge.

In fact, everyone at the club that night knew some women were partying there. It was so much fun. Shortly before we were to leave the club after the party wrapped up, a call came through on my mobile phone. It was my mom, so I hurried outside to answer the call.

“Hello Mommy, Migwo,” I greeted. “Vrendo,” she replied then paused. “Ovigwe, tivo wor wan?” She asked in Urhobo.

“I’m at a nightclub. My friend is celebrating her birthday.”

“Oghene meh!” She exclaimed dramatically. “Ovigwe! You are in a club at this time? It’s almost 2 am.”

“Mommy, the club is not far from my house. It’s just a short drive,” I said with forced patience. “Why did you call?”

“Hmm… ok o. Anyway, I called to ask if you did the midnight prayer today. But I think I already know the answer to that.”

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Oops!I had totally forgotten that this weekend was our family fasting and midnight prayer. We do this every last Friday of the month. Oh well, I have officially earned the spot for ‘Worst Child of the Year’.

“Mommy abeg no vex. I totally forgot.”

“I see. Ok, bye bye.” She said and hung up.

“Ugh!” I groaned in frustration. Now she won’t speak to me for the rest of the week.

“Family troubles?” I heard a deep baritone ask from somewhere behind me. I spun around and saw a tall, well-built guy leaning lazily on the wall near the club entrance, smoking smoothing that smelt like weed. Normally, I’d ignore guys like this but there was just something alluring about his piercing gaze, the self-confident smile and glistening chocolate skin. Or maybe it was the way his locs fell across his shoulders. Again, I don’t roll with guys on braids or locs or any kind of long hair, but this guy…I was tongue-tied.

“Was that your mother on the phone? I couldn’t help but overhear a bit of your conversation. At least, your side of it.”

“Oh. Yeah. My mom,” I said goofily. He grinned. I melted. He stretched his right hand towards me and said, “I’m Ray by the way. I think you and I are going to be good friends.”

And that was how the wild ride began.

** To be continued in episode 5 **