Will going home to her family help Vivian see Segun in a different light?

Who knew the first day of work could be so hectic? When I finally got the chance to look at my tabletop clock, it was a quarter past 4 p.m. and I was so ready to call it a day and clock out but not after seeing to some urgent work that I couldn’t carry over to the next day.

My phone had been ringing off the hook since morning after I blocked that French lunatic, so I restricted myself to answering only calls with known caller IDs. I made a mental note to install a phone call app later when I got home to help me filter my calls.

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By the time I’d tidied up what I had to do, it was almost 6 p.m. I was so exhausted I felt like teleporting myself home because the thought of driving a car in this physical state was not quite appealing. Just then, my phone rang. My heart skipped when I saw that it was Segun calling.

I had intended to call him when I got home, but since he’s ringing me now, I might as well talk to him.

“Hello,” I answered trying to sound cheerful.

“Hello Vivian. How are you?” He greeted. He sounded cool, distant.

“I’m fine. And you?”

“I’m doing great.”

“I actually intended calling you when I got home later tonight,” I said quickly.

“Oh, you’re still in the office?”

“Yes. Today has been awfully busy for me and everyone around here. In fact, I’m sure Ronke is still in her office working because she hasn’t stopped by to say goodnight to me yet.”

“Well done. Although I have more work for you to keep you and your cronies even busier,” he said. His tone had become friendlier than before.

“Really? How so?”

“I gave your number to a client of mine today but she called me back to inform me that you weren’t answering your calls.”

I would have been worried if Segun’s client had been a ‘he’ instead of a ‘she’. But then again, what are the odds of Francois and Segun knowing each other? The universe wasn’t really that twisted was it?

“I guess she’s right. I was so busy I didn’t even have a few minutes to spare to answer my calls.”

“Okay. I told her to call you again tomorrow so please respond to her when she does. She is the head of PR for a new company that is about to roll out a new brand of cooking seasonings. They need to promote their products and take them to mainstream media, and since you guys are one of the best in the city, I figured I could nudge them in your direction.”

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“Oh my goodness Segun! That is huge. Thank you!”

His voice softened some more. “You’re welcome Vivian.”

There was a brief moment of silence before I spoke up first. “Look Segun, about what happened last month…”

“It’s okay Vivian. Let’s forget about that.”

“No. Not after I have apologized to you. That was so disrespectful of me speaking to you like that in front of your family. I should have handled it in a more mature manner. I am so sorry Segun, can you ever forgive me?”

He chuckled. “I wouldn’t be calling you or referring a prospective client to you if I hadn’t forgiven you. That’s water under the bridge, so forget it.”

I suddenly felt like crying. “You’re such a nice person, Segun.”

“Yeah, and we both know nice guys don’t get the girls.”

The tears began to fall. “Don’t say that Segun, please.”

He sighed wearily. “It’s okay Vivian, like I said before it’s water under the bridge. Let’s move on.”

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At that moment all I wanted to do was to hug him tightly and never let go. Of all the guys I have dated in my life, Segun was the only genuine gentleman. And that has nothing to do with him sending me a client despite the fact that I wouldn’t answer his calls after dumping him rudely and publicly for that matter. He was just such a really good human being and I humiliated him and didn’t even feel remorseful about it; instead I went ahead and had a fling with that charming stalker. I’m such a horrible person!

I must have been sobbing while giving myself a mental bashing because Segun seemed to realise that I was crying.

“Vivian, are you crying?” He asked softly, sounding worried. “Oh my god, Vivian. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m so sorry. Please stop crying.”

His plea made it even worse and my silent tears became a full blown bawl. I just couldn’t help myself. All Segun had ever been to me was good and I paid him back by shitting all over him like a bitch. And to think that I cheated on him too…okay maybe technically not, because we’d already broken up before I hooked up with Francois, but that didn’t make it any better. I’m still a terrible person.

“I’m so sorry Segun. I’ve been such a bad person when you’ve always been so good to me.”

“You’re not a bad person Vivian. Please stop crying. I feel so horrible knowing I made you cry, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

I grabbed a tissue on my table and wiped my nose. “Where are you right now?” I asked him.

“I’m at home. I just got in a few minutes ago.”

Without thinking, I asked, “Can I come over?”

He hesitated only for a second. “Of course you can. Sure.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

As I packed my stuff and got ready to leave the office, I wondered what I would say if Segun said he wanted us to get back together. Would I have to tell him about Francois? And if I did agree to dating him again, would it be because I really wanted him in my life or just out of guilt for jilting him publicly before?

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to do anymore, but all that worry can wait till later because right now, the only thing that will give me immense joy is to lie in Segun’s arms and think of nothing else. Let me just get through today first, tomorrow would handle itself.



** To be continued in episode 18**