Vivian has to navigate her way through an awkward situation when it's suggested that she marries one of her friend's brothers

I don’t know about anyone else o, but as for me; Vivian Ovigwe Emuakpor, I enjoyed my Christmas holiday to the fullest!

My night with Francois was nothing short of awesome. Now I know why they say French men are the most romantic men in the world. With the way he cooed and whispered sweet words into my ears as we had sex, you’d think he was actually in love with me.

Anyways, I enjoyed all that sweetness while it lasted – which was all night and most of the following morning. After ordering room service around noon, we went at it again and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

My vibrating phone woke me up around 01:35 p.m. and when I checked, it was my dad calling. I’d dashed into the bathroom to take a quick shower and dress up. I didn’t bother answering the call. By the time I was ready to leave, Francois was still very much asleep. Instead of waking him, I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper from the jotter lying on the nightstand and scribbled, “THANK YOU!” on it and then left the paper on the pillow where I’d rested my head a couple of minutes ago. I carefully tiptoed out of the room and closed the door behind me softly. And that ended my episode with the French man.

Later that day after getting an earful from my dad, Voke called to invite me to a beach party with her boyfriend and his Belgium-based brother who was in Nigeria for the holidays. I knew what she was trying to do but I wasn’t in the mood. All I wanted to do was to enjoy a nice cold drink and sleep the rest of the day away. My body was still sore from all that acrobatic sex with Francois. Thank goodness I won’t be seeing him again, not after all the wild things I’d done with him. How embarrassing! I’ll blame the alcohol for the lack of inhibition even though I wasn’t drunk.

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After turning down Voke’s invitation, I switched off my phone and went to bed. Before finally drifting off to sleep, I thought briefly about Segun and wondered what he had been up to all this while. Did he have fling like I just did? Has he been thinking about me at all? Does any of that even matter?

Work eventually resumed on January 7th and I was fully energized from the holiday and ready to break bones. The meeting I’d been dreading for weeks finally happened – I met Ronke face-to-face at the reception area of our office floor. Contrary to what I had expected, she was all bubbly and friendly when she saw me. There was no mention of Segun or the fact that I’d publicly dumped him in front of their entire family. I knew her friendliness was a façade, so I made a mental note to speak with her privately much later in the day.

Much later turned out to be lunch break. I found Ronke rummaging in the office kitchen shared by us senior staff.

“Stealing someone’s food again?” I asked, startling her.

“Jeez Vivian! You gave me a fright,” she said jumping away from the fridge. “And I wasn’t stealing, I was looking for spare food.” I laughed.

“Is that what you call it these days?” She shrugged and glanced back at the fridge briefly before shutting it.

“Nothing worth stealing there anyways.”

“So, can we talk about it now?” I asked tentatively.

“About what?” She asked too quickly even though she tried to sound nonchalant.

“About me and your brother. Or rather, me breaking up with your brother.” She sighed.

“Look, I promised to stay out of you people’s relationship and that’s what I’m doing.”

“I see. But you didn’t even ask for my own side of the story.”

“Vivian, I was there. I saw you humiliate my brother in front a billion people, so what other side is there to that?”

“So now, I’m the villain?” I asked feeling hurt.

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“You are not a villain, Vivian. You just need to be more sensitive in future. Segun is a nice guy and I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother. Even you can testify to that if you’re honest. But dumping him in that manner was just wrong and I’d made up my mind never to bring up that issue with you because it hurts me deep in my soul whenever I think about it. And I blame myself for pushing you into a relationship with him in the first place.”

“You didn’t push me. Nobody can make me do what I don’t want to do. I’m sorry things turned out that way and you’re right; I should have been more mature about the way I handled things that day. I’ll call Segun and apologise to him.” She smiled.

“Please do. And please let’s put all that behind us already, I don’t want my friendship with you ruined because of what I started.”

“Stop saying that. I wouldn’t have dated him if I didn’t want to.”

“Okay, fine. Case dismissed!” We laughed. Then my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and it was a phone number I didn’t recognize. Could this be a client? I pressed the receive button and answered the call.

“Hello,” I said.

“Vivian,” the male voice on the other end replied with the smoothness of silk.

“Don’t you know it is rude to leave without saying goodbye?”

''Oh. My. Gosh!!!How did you get my number?” I asked breathlessly.He chuckled.

“It’s a small world Vivian,” he said.

“Let’s have lunch together and talk about it.” I could feel my heart pounding furiously in my chest, but it wasn’t from excitement.

“I’ve already had lunch,” I lied.

“And please do me a favour, don’t ever call me again.”

I hung up without giving him a chance to respond. What nonsense!

“Who was that?” Ronke asked.

“My nightmare,” I replied miserably.

Sure enough, my phone started ringing again and it was the same number. Great! A psycho was now infatuated with me. Why do I always run into these kinds of guys? And how did he even get my number?

Instead of answering the call and waited till my phone stopped ringing, and then immediately blocked the number. Francois has no place in my life and I won’t let him bully his way into it. Here I was still trying to straighten out a wrinkle I created from that brief thing with Segun and now this one is trying to add himself to the equation. No sir, no vacancy.

I smiled at Ronke and said, “Let’s go have lunch boo and you can tell me all about your holiday.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” she said happily. Ronke can never turn down free food, which was a good thing right now because I needed something or someone cheerful to get my mind off the trouble I'd landed myself in. Again.

** To be continued in episode 17**