Vivian and Segun take things to the next level

Despite my initial reservations about dating Segun, I soon found myself thinking about him more often than I wanted to. Fortunately for me, Ronke stopped asking me for updates about how things were progressing between me and her brother.On his part, Segun eased into the boyfriend role smoothly even though we hadn’t made the relationship official.

He’d call and text me every day whenever he got the chance. I found myself looking forward to his texts so much that I’d snatch my phone off the table once I hear the notification sound. I was definitely falling for Goofy Segun.


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Our second date took place at the Lekki Conservation Centre on a fine Saturday afternoon. Segun had driven to my place to pick me up and we drove to the reserve chatting and laughing like a pair of teenagers. The walk around the park was equally fun and relaxing. We eventually stopped over at a nearby restaurant for lunch and drinks. I almost felt like I was on a honeymoon (minus the sex part).

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As if reading my thoughts, Segun said,

“Do you want us to go to my place when we leave here?”

I felt my pulse quicken but I smiled demurely at him,

“Uh oh. It’s about to go down,” I said with a laugh.

He raised an eyebrow.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb joor, you know what I’m talking about.”

“No, I don’t,” he insisted.

I sighed, still smiling.

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“Ok na, since you want me to spell it out because you’re too shy admit it, I’ll say it. You want us to have sex abi?” 

“Jeez Vivian! Seriously? Why would you think that?”

He seemed genuinely offended and that got me confused.

“Well, wasn’t that what you were thinking?”

“Honestly, no. You’ve never been to my place before, so I was hoping I could take you there and show you around. I wasn’t making a booty call.”

The fact that he was angry that I suggested it made me angry.

“Sorry, Saint Segun. I didn’t mean to offend your delicate sensibilities.”

“Come off it, Vivian. I wasn’t offended. I just don’t want you to think my invitation had anything to do with sex.”

“Well, what do you have against sex? Are you impotent or something?”

My question caught him off guard.

“Impotent? N-no, I don’t have anything against…I mean why would you think that?”

I dropped my napkin on my almost empty plate.

“Good. Let’s pay for this food and zap out of here. I want to see your place.”

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His Adam’s apple bobbed nervously as he nodded in agreement and signaled the waiter to come over. My excitement tripled when I saw a hint of an erection in his pants as we walked to his car. Perhaps, Saint Segun was already having unsaintly thoughts about me…

We made it to his apartment in record time, and for all his emphatic denials, Segun couldn’t get me out of my flimsy chiffon dress fast enough nor was I gentle in taking off his shirt – I simply ripped it off him. If I had to give a title to that first round of sex, it would be Fast and Furious. It all happened in lightning speed and we were both burnt to ashes when it was over. Phew! Ray who?

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“Wow…” I sighed as I lay limp beside Segun.

I felt him smile, though he said nothing. To think the ever gentlemanly Segun could be a beast in the knacks department was a massive surprise to me. Funnily enough, that thought reminded me of what my little sister had told me about ‘gentle guys’. That silly child was right after all.

“I remember a few minutes ago, a certain somebody said he didn’t want to have sex with me,” I teased.

He chuckled.

“I didn’t. You made me do it.”

“Such a lame excuse coming from a lawyer,” I laughed. He laughed too.

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We remained curled up in each other’s arms on the carpeted floor of his living room. I couldn’t tell if the apartment was made of bricks or bamboo, and at that moment I really didn’t care. I was simply enjoying the vibe until Segun ruined it with his predictable goofiness.

“So, are we exclusive now?” He asked.

Ugh! What’s a girl gotta do in this world to get good knacks with no strings attached?

“Um, I guess so,” I replied.

“I was hoping for a yes or no, actually.”

Why do I keep forgetting this guy is a lawyer? Everything has to be cut and dried. Damn!

“We are adults, Segun. We don’t need to slap a label on our relationship to define it.”

“That’s supposed to be my line, Vivian.”I laughed.

“So?” He prompted when I didn’t say anything more.

I raised myself on one elbow and looked down at him.

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“Just say it, Vivian. I want to hear you say it.”

What a child!I grinned.

“Yes, Segun. We are exclusive now.”

His face broke into a huge smile. “That’s my babe!” He exclaimed happily and pulled me down for a kiss.  

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** To be continued in episode 12**