Ahmed could no longer hold back his restlessness, as the sensation continued to disturb him.

He could not scratch his itch because it was between his thighs and acting indecently in public was not an option. So, he had to endure the pain.

The young man had sex with a random girl few days ago and in the course of the short moment, his condom failed him, and he continued without protection.

Now he bears the brunt. He quickly ran out of where he was, as the sensation in his penis increased.

Ahmed is educated and he knows that self-medication is dangerous, but he could not afford the process of seeing a doctor and the self-imposed humiliation he blindly feels.

He opted for a pharmacy around his home since he had a personal relationship with the attendants.

"I need antibiotics that can treat infection,” he told them.

They gathered several tablets and handed to him. He ran of without giving thought to the question - What really caused my itch?


This attitude of walking into a drug store to buy medicine without prescription is what medical experts in Ibadan on Tuesday raised concern about.

Misuse and overuse of antibiotics, is what they called it and they said it is a major cause of antimicrobial resistance in patients.

According to them, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) poses a serious threat to prevention and treatment of infections in people caused by bacteria and viruses, leading to fatalities.

The Chief Medical Director of the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Professor Temitope Alonge, said antimicrobial resistance to communicable diseases remains a challenge to public health not only in Nigeria but globally.  

A Paediatric Consultant of Infectious Diseases in Children at the UCH, Professor Regina Oladokun, told the News Agency of Nigeria that infection was a major burden in the practice of medicine in Nigeria.

She also highlighted the need for patients and doctors to abide by the principles of antibiotic therapy.

"The five principles of antibiotics therapy are right patient, right drugs, right route, right dose and right duration.

"I believe that for all paediatric cases, doctors should consult the handbook of microbial diseases before prescription.

"Duration of antibiotic should be determined by clinical factors like site of infection and severity of illness.’’

Another Consultant Microbiologist and Head, UCH Anti-microbial Stewardship Committee, Professor Rasheed Bakere,  said antibiotics should be used judiciously to reduce resistance and also save costs.

According to Bakare, antibiotics are powerful medicines that help to fight virus, bacteria and microbes.

"Antibiotic resistance happens when the body becomes resistant to antibiotics.

So, when next you have an itch or feel ill go to the public health centre and get tested.

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