Nothing sets you apart in a crowd like a dazzling smile. No wonder almost everyone is shelling out big bucks to their dentists just so that they can have pearly white teeth to put a sparkle in their smile. 

But if you don't have tons of cash to spend, you can go the DIY (Do It Yourself) route and create your own homemade whitening toothpaste using affordable ingredients, and best believe, it's as effective as most of the whitening toothpastes out there. 

There are two methods you can use to create this toothpaste. 

Method 1:

Measure 1 teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda also known as baking soda; add a little warm water to it to create a thick paste. Apply it to your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it as you would do with regular toothpaste. You can also add a teaspoon of the soda to a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash after brushing. 

Bicarbonate of soda has bleaching qualities which make it effective for teeth whitening. It's antibacterial quality also makes it an ideal mouthwash and it is great for fighting bad breath.

Method 2:

Squeeze out the juice from half a lemon or lime in a bowl containing 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. Mix them together to form a thick paste, apply the mixture to your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. 

Lime and lemon are good bleaching agents, and they also contain Vitamin C. Combined with bicarbonate of soda, the result is sparkling white teeth. 

Both methods should not be used more than twice a week because the soda chips off a layer of your enamel each time you use it. It's advisable to stop usage after achieving the desired result. Brushing your teeth at least two times a day with regular toothpaste will help you maintain good dental health. 

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