You may have received one of those messages asking you to click on a certain link so you can use WhatsApp without internet.

Airtel Nigeria has advised Nigerians, especially subscribers on its network to be vigilant in accepting such messages.

It said on Tuesday in Lagos that there had been messages in circulation which tend to show that a subscriber could make use of WhatsApp without access to internet.

“Dear customer, our attention has been drawn to messages notifying customers of the use of WhatsApp without internet.

“Kindly ignore and do not click on those links as it redirects to cloned applications.

“The links may be used to harvest sensitive information from your device. Be cautious,” Airtel said in a text message sent to its customers.

Some of the messages promising WhatsApp without internet sent to subscribers reads:

“First of all, you need to update your WhatsApp iOS to the latest WhatsApp version 2.17.1.

“Now, this allows sending the message to any contact in your list without having internet connection.

“This feature was available on Android for more than a year, but iOS users are only getting it now.

“Also, you will be getting an option to send 30 photos or videos at a time if you update your WhatsApp.”

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