Big Brother Naija 3 is expected to be even more engaging and interesting compared to Season 2.

The show is 6 days away and will begin on January 28, 2018.

Social media users will have something to talk about for weeks to come.

Bounce News has put together 3 things that fans secretly hope that the organizers will include in 2018.

1. Shower Hour

This season is called Expect The Unexpected and  even though Multichoice announced in 2017 that they would not broadcast any nude footage called ‘Shower Hour’; there are some die-hards waiting to savour the moments.

This comes to some fans as ‘indecent’, while others will secretly want this period introduced to Big Brother Naija.

'Shower Hour' raised a lot of  controversies in the show, during the now rested continental edition, Big Brother Africa (BBA).

They might just be waiting on 'a long thing'

big brother naija

2. Fake House Mates Winning The Money

In Season 2, fans of the show enjoyed the antics brought into the house by Jon Ogar and Ese, who were introduced as fake housemates.

With a total prize worth 45 million Naira, fans will hope that even fake house mates will get the chance like the real contestants to win some of the prizes.

Imagine a show where everyone is a top contender and there are no limits to the aspiration level but sprinkled with struict rules of engagement.

3. Skill Acquisition

In season 2, contestants spent a total of 78 days in the Big Brother Houe, a tinge inching close to 3 months. They played games to test their intelligence, and took part in various activities, that also tested their motor skills.

If the organizers add skill acquisition to the house activities, it will add to the popularity.

At least after spending a long time in isolation, contestants should acquire more than social skills. They should be empowered to try their hands out on Small and Medium Scale enterprises.