For loving food more than anything in the house and for losing their wager on Thursday, Biggie gave house mates a punishment to remember.

He imposed a tedious task to make the Housemates understand that the Double Wahala house is a serious place.

Housemates are told they need to work in pairs to separate a huge bowl of rice and beans.

"It is time for the reward for your awful behaviour during the week", Bigge said, before a ninja brought  in a very large bowl filled with a mixture of rice and beans

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The idea of the punishment was to also bring everyone together with all the recent disagreements between housemates.

There is evidence the plan is working as housemates began to leave their petty squabbles to focus on the task ahead.

They could all be seen leaning on each other, laughing and laying on each other's laps.

Khloe still remained the spoil spot of this new found unity as she still looked annoyed and did not go near any of the housemates, including her partner, K Brule.

Hopefully, the housemates are learning it's a game because the first eviction show is fast approaching.

Watch the gruesome punishment below