Its not the blood of Jesus, its Big Brother.

The Housemates disobeyed Biggie again, after they were given a strict rule of engagement.

After the housemates were paired on Tuesday, Biggie ordered that they only talk to the people that they are paired with.

Big Brother must have grown tired of the Housemates' clear disregard for his rules.

He summoned all the pairs except Bambam, Tobi, Khloe and Anto to the center of the garden.

Then they literally got a 'Hosing down', as the Big Brother Ninjas sprayed the erring housemates on the grass with cold water from a hose.

The water was cold, K Brule was physically shivering, Teddy A fell to the ground twice, Alex was in tears, Ifu Enada was screaming and Ricoo Swavey kept Gnashing his teeth.

Biggie promised that the next time they disobeyed him, he might consider changing the temperature of the water from cold to something they might not find comfortable.

Angelifu, Bamteddy, Cebi, Loto, Mina, Pritto, Rineeka and Van-Dee are up for possible Eviction this week.

Who do you think will go home?