Ex Big Brother Naija house mate, Bitto, has seen your tweets and pictures.

He would have heard the conclusions, that would have tumbled into words like 'always horny', 'pervert' and 'Another Kemen'.

But the young broadcaster from Benue state has come out to defend himself from all the accusations.

Even with picture and video evidence of a bulge in the crouch area, while he was comforting Nina, and many times when he stripped down to the boxers.

It stuck out like a sore thumb.

Bitto has explained via Instagram, that while he was in the Big Brother house, what people assumed was a 'hard on' from being sexually aroused, was actually something else.

He claims that it is because he is endowed between his legs, so there is no crime in showing off this gift.

"The Bulge has always been overly pronounced, and over the years it took me conscious efforts to keep it in check. Please there is a DICHOTOMY; "A Clear Divide" between a Bulge and a Hard on"  he wrote on Instagram.

DO you believe Bitto?