Even after Big Brother Naija 2018 ended, the hate still seems to remain for one housemate, Cee-C.

During her stay in the house, she was involved in a lot of feuds with fellow housemates, and 5 months after the show, Cee-C is still a target of people who have a problem with the way she treated some of her housemates during the reality TV show.

Cee-C has revealed that she received a warning from one Greg Conway, threatening to attack her with acid over her fellow ex-housemates, Tobi and Alex.

The former housemate shared a screenshot of the mail she received and captioned it: ‘Is this ever going to stop'

In the mail, the non-fan wrote:

“Since you won’t tell your fellow bitter fans to stop trolling Alex and Tobi. I will teach u a lesson u will never forget in your miserable life.

''You are a bitter short witch. Tobi has moved on from u. U should do same.

''It’s not by force. U pay people to troll them every day. I know where u live and I will fuck you up. Be prepared. Anywhere I see you, I’m going to pour acid on ur face.

''As a scar, u will never forget in ur life. I won’t kill u but I will bath ur face with acid.”

It not clear if she has reported the matter to the Police.

See the screenshot below


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