BamBam and Teddy A like each other a lot.

Now that they are out of the house, the lovebirds would like to take their relationship 'nice and slow'.

Bounce News spoke to the former Housemates and they did not hide the fact that they are in love but with the complications of Teddy A's baby mama and girlfriend, they are taking their relationship, 'one step at a time'.

When asked about the their sexual escapades in the house, under the sheets and in the toilet (wink), their reply put a plug on all the 'toilet discussions'.

"I do not know why people are still talking about it. We were caught up in the moment, so anything could have happened. It's in the past and its in the Big brother House, whatever happens in the house stays in the house" BamBam told Bounce News.

Teddy A went on to add that he had no regrets for anything he did in the house.

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"I had a great time in the house for 10 weeks, I have no regrets whatsoever, and my prayer for all the housemates, is that after the show, everybody succeeds in their hustle" he said.

Get over it; the BamTeddy train has moved away from the toilet.