Is there a Nina in all of us?

She may not be as analytical as Lolu or Anto, or as playful as Tobi.

The final year student, might not be critical like Cee-C, or even as talented as Ifu Ennada or Teddy A.

Nina was not even the brightest housemate at the beginning of the Big Brother Naija show, with her faulty command of English.

Even though, that is what she is studying at the Imo State University.

One of the beauties of life is watching people grow and like a flower opening at the beginning of spring, Nina has blossomed.

She became more confident, speaks clearly, and showed both her big heart and genuine love for Miracle.

Nina and Miracle have shown fans of the show that they are quite a catch recording impressive figure when they were up for eviction.

Miracle became her knight in shining armor, a shoulder to lean on, and a source to unleash pent up lust.

In finding love in the Double Wahala house, Nina showed her human side, as she struggled with her emotions, and her love for both Miracle and her boyfriend in the real world- Collins.

From the show’s beginning, Nina was not seen as a threat and her simple nature, made her stick out from all the complex characters in the house.

Miracle at first was worried that other housemates might take advantage of her naivety and cool-head, so he had made it his duty to watch over her.

This gave Nina time to grow, relate better with housemates, without losing her shyness.

Nina has grown, from being tagged a 'dumb blonde' who 'brings nothing to the table' to someone who does well in Friday games, at tasks, and has even become Head Of House, ahead of those who claim to sabi.

Her shyness, simplicity and wiliness to learn drew many Nigerians to her side, and put her forward as one they can put their money on.

Even her sexual escapades with the 'fine boy' pilot has not deterred, the rising number of fans, both open and secret supporters.

With all these fans, Nina has one foot in the final, and her hands close to the 45million Naira.

The truth is, we all want Nina to win because she reminds all of us of when we were young, wild and free.

Besides it will make her become the first female housemate ever to win the Big Brother Naija show.

My only worry will be, what would she do with all that money?

Maybe she should speak to the business minded people in the house- Leo and Tobi.

Until the 85 days draw to an end we can only wish Nina God's speed.