Businesswoman, Toyin Lawani, has finally explained why she blocked Big Brother contestant and her protege, Nina on Instagram.

In a new interview, Toyin said she was angry with Nina because she felt the former reality TV star was not being smart.

''Yes, its true I un-followed her and even blocked her because I felt I felt she needs to be smart.

"She needs to learn a lesson because that way before she makes any move she would she would think about it very well.

"I have made my own mistakes, who am I to tell her not to make hers.

"However, there are ways of doing things if you want the world to accept a particular person without making yourself look like a fool or stupid,'' she said.

Toyin went on Instagram to unfollow and block Nina, following Nina and Miracle's reconciliation while they were in Ghana.

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Hours after news of their falling apart went viral online, Nina released a statement saying they still had a cordial relationship.

Nina and Miracle fell apart a few months ago after Miracle went on his Instagram page to ‘friend zone’ Nina, claiming that they never dated.

Watch a clip from the interview below:

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