There was no love lost between Tobi and Bambam in the Big Brother Naija house.

On several occasions, Tobi referred to Bambam as fake which eventually led to some friction between the pair. Now recent evictee, Anto has come out to condemn Tobi's action.

Anto shared this view while she was a guest of Bounce News, alongside former housemate and love interest Lolu.

Speaking on the issue of labels in the house, Anto said BamBam was a victim of Tobi's labeling and it was unfair of him to have continuously made her the subject of his attacks.

"I didn't really know if she was acting and even if she was I think it was unfair to consistently bring it up, maybe that was her strategy. No one said you can't have a strategy, no one said that you can't go into the house and be a completely different person it's just that when that behaviour affects how someone else feels about you then that's when it's an issue. But if she wanted to be an actor and Teddy was fine with it then by all means"

She also spoke about housemates referring to Nina as dumb, describing the action as offensive.

Lolu on his part also debunked claims that he wasn't straight-forward, and pointed out that Miracle calling him (Lolu) untrustworthy in the game was his strategy.

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