Biggie, this week, wants to use dance to 'scatter' the Big Brother House.

By implementing the Pepsi “Roc Da Mat” Task, housemates have sustained various degrees of injures - Cee-C is spotting a big plaster on her leg, Nina Barely is able to walk and Ahneeka is being carried by her strategic partner Angel.

The extremely lush prizes at the end of the wee will not come easy. Alex is an excellent dancer as it stands, but Biggie's task are always tricky.

The housemates were all requested to choose a song from a list provided by Big Brother.

Any time one of the songs selected is played, all the housemates put on a Pepsi T-shirt and rush to a  blue mat in their pairs.

On the blue mat, they would dance to the song being played.

Each time this is done successfully, they will get one point and each time they fail they will get no point.

There are 7 pairs in the house, but the mats spread across the house are 6 so the pushing and shoving that happens each time the songs come on is not a surprise.

In the early hours of Wednesday, February 28,  Big Brother played a song around and had housemates scampering from their sleep, screaming for their partners and running like their lives depended on it to the waiting mats.

The Double Wahala in Big Brother House is real oh!