The Big Brother Naija house is currently in a somber mood as the housemates got to watch the video showing what really happened between Kemen and TBoss.

Minutes after Nollywood star cum politician, Desmond Elliot left the Big Brother House after his visit, the  housemates were informed that they had other guests coming .

The  guests were two Ladies Yewande and Sarah,who are sexual counselors.

The housemates were given a 4 hour session on sexual content, and watched the video of what  really happened between Kemen and TBoss.

“Kemen was a good friend and in fact the day before, he had given me a full massage. But I have never given him any greenlight to make him feel like it is okay to make a pass at me. Yes I walk around topless, but I never walk around fully naked. I don’t think I have ever given any of the guys in the house any reason to want to molest me. I was on my period and I can’t even begin to imagine what would have happened to me if there were no cameras there. Now I feel sad that he has been disqualified, despite what he has done. What is wrong with me?

“I haven’t moved past this, I’m trying to deal with it. I feel dirty because suddenly I feel like washing everything because I’m anticipating it happening again. Kemen didn’t even take responsibility for his actions and he even dropped a bad word about me on his way out. Tomorrow is my birthday and I just want to start my year on a happy note. I really want to know what Kemen would be saying outside the house.” Tboss said.

Bisola said that it looked like Kemen must have thought about it before hand, and that she went on to apologise to Tboss.

“I feel as humans, we all have urges but the important thing is how we go about it. It’s really, really sad and I feel we, the rest of the housemates, need to do better and I pray that this never happens again,” Bally said.

ThinTallTony said that the way Kemen awoke makes it looks like he planned and was waiting for the lights to go out before he acted. 

“If it happened to my sister, the guy is dead even if this disqualified me, I don’t care,” He added.

“I feel like I have disappointed my mother who always told me to respect women. And Yes I find TBoss attractive but I would never violate your space,” Bassey said when asked for his opinion.

“I can’t put my thoughts into words right now because I have a lot of things going through my head,” said Marvis.

Debie Rise revealed that she was once a victim of sexual assault and asked that he should be forgiven.
Efe apologised on behalf of every man for what Kemen did.

“That incident was quite unfortunate because I have a sister close to TBoss age and I ask myself what would have happened if that was her. On the part of the perpetrator, I imagine myself being in his own shoes.

“It all boils down to how we control our urges. I am really sorry TBoss for our actions but we acted in the spur of the moment and for this we are sorry. TBoss is really strong and I feel you may have forgiven us,” he said.