With the backlash Cee-C has experienced since entering the Big Brother Naija house, she finally has a defender.

Her elder sister has taken to Instagram to counter the opinions of people about Cee-C and also share some of Cee-C's very unique strengths.

Her sister said she became Cee-C's mother after their mother died.

About Cee-C's attitude in the Big Brother house she said;

"I know I am not a failure and contrary to what SOME people think I did not raise a bipolar patient, I did not raise a witch, I did not raise an evil woman, I did not raise a bitter person rather I raised the most awesome and unique woman ever.

"Sis you are a woman with a good heart. You are the hot head in the family, and this strength has always driven you to ambitious heights, taking daunting challenges."

She has been in fights with Alex, Nina and continues to have a troubled relationship with her love interest, Tobi.