You should truly expect the unexpected on this season of Big Brother Naija as has been evident from day one which saw the fake eviction of 6 housemates.

Now Big Brother is increasing engagement with viewers in this new season, and it involves a secret weapon.

In the Big Brother House, a telephone has been strategically placed and it will ring on Big Brother’s command.

The phone is part of Big Brother's conspiracy with fans of the show to give one housemate a secret task.

Using the hashtag #BBSecretTask on the official Big Brother Naija Twitter and Facebook pages, viewers will get the chance to suggest a secret task every week, and the best secret tasks will be chosen and delivered to the house through the house phone.

Only one housemate will answer the phone and will have to carryout the task unnoticed by the other housemates, but the twist is that eaves dropping is allowed, also, house mates can decide to ignore the phone.

Meanwhile, stashed away at the Arena Games room are 6 fake evictees that have to keep their presence in the house a secret until Big Brother decides what to do with them today, Monday, January 29.

Secrets always add to the wahala, so double wahala could even become triple.

Fingers crossed.

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