It's a week to Big Brother Naija season 3, and things are heating up with the Big Brother Naija reunion.

To count down to Big Brother Naija season 3, the organizers announced a reunion show that will run from January 20 till the day before the new season kicks off on January 28.

On the episode of the reunion show that aired on January 21, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the Big Brother Naija host, interviewed four former housemates - TBoss, Uriel, Miyonse and Soma.

He asked questions about TBoss' relationship with Miyonse and former fake housemate, Jon.

Tboss said she connected with Miyonse because she knew him before they entered into the house, so she felt close to him.

She also said that Jon reminded her of Miyonse, so she became close to him.

TBoss denied that her closeness to Miyonse was sexual, but Soma said she was lying and then she pulled out her familiar victim card.

The pair soon got into a shouting match which degenerated into the pair screaming "Shut the F**K up!" at each other.

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After nerves had been calmed by Ebuka, he continued questioning the housemates on their relationships with other former contestants.

When Ebuka said that he felt TBoss and Uriel were not friends even after leaving the house, a new can of worms was opened.

TBoss said Uriel could never be her friend because she was two-faced. She pointed out that Uriel talked  about her behind her back, and said things about her on social media, which Uriel denied.

"Uriel is two-faced, she said on social media that my breasts were fake" Tboss said.

When Uriel tried to defend herself, the episode of the Reunion show came to an end.

With this much drama on barely the second day, one wonders the turn the show would take by the last episode.

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