You will not catch former Big Brother Naija housemate and Nollywood actress, Ifu Ennada kissing or having sex in 2019- hopefully.

The actress, screenwriter and beauty entrepreneur has started the ‘No Intimacy Challenge’.

This means the actress will neither kiss nor engage in sexual intercourse during the one-year period.

“Aside from growing my personal and corporate brand, I plan to start up a No Intimacy Challenge. This means there would be no form of Intimacy in 2019, not even kissing. I need to stay focused to be all I can be this year. So, help me God,” she said.

Even with her choice to stay celibate, she still has plans for getting the man of her dreams.

“I like a man who gets me. I like a strong man, someone who inspires me to be better and supports me (not with money) to achieve my dreams.

“I like a man who has a strong personality. I don’t want a man with low self-esteem. I almost got involved with someone last year, but he’s very insecure.

"I don’t want to be with a weak man, because I am an Alpha-female. I like someone who cares about humanity, who has a beautiful soul", she said.

Do you think she can keep her resolution?

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