Nigerians are not too pleased with comedian, AY at the moment following his joke on the Tboss/Kemen issue in the Big Brother Naija house which led to the disqualification of the latter from the show.

At his AY Live show last night, AY invited the Big Brother Naija contestants present on stage and proceeded to make jokes on them to the amusement of the crowd.

His joke on Tboss however fell flat with many as he blamed Kemen's groping of Tboss while she slept on 'konji'. Several celebrities and Nigerians in general have since taken to social media to condemn his action.

Tboss' brother also took to social media to speak on the issue saying karma is a dish best served called. His words:

"Trying to make an assault look normal and acceptable, ignoring the hurt the victim felt and still feels every time she remembers the incident. All I have to say is that karma is a dish best served cold and it multiplies, in the future when all your daughters get assaulted, raped and abused remember how u joked about another persons misfortune and made cash out of it. And when the whole country is laughing at your daughters misfortune remember that it has only just begun."

Meanwhile, see what Nigerians had to say about AY's joke: