The romance truly is being televised, and it is serious double wahala.

What started out as a 'turn up' night, with the Saturday night party, snowballed into a big ball of emotions rolling all over the Big Brother Naija house.

The Big Brother Naija weekly parties returned with great dance moves, 'loving up' and romance gone wrong.

The almost 'uneventful' party, turned into an intriguing 'after party' last night, after Big Brother housemate, Princess started the Ice Cream Kissing game.

She went around with ice cream and made the female housemates lick it off from some housemates’ body part.

During the said game, Anto briefly stopped talking to K Brule, who was obviously toasting her in a semi-drunk state, to lick ice cream off Lolu's mouth.

The licking converted to a steamy kiss, which they both seemed to enjoy.

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Unfortunately, K. Brule appeared heart broken by the turn of events.

After Anto kissed Lolu, K Brule jumped from the 1st floor and sprained his arm and leg.

The final conclusion reached by housemates was that he jumped out of heartbreak, while being in a drunk state.

However, his fellow housemates Bitto and Khloe said he had always been depressed, and had tried taking his life twice.

So, to make K Brule feel better, Anto was made to lick ice cream off his face which she did to please everyone.

This incident in the Big Brother House highlights the rise in depression and suicide happening in the country.