Big Brother Housemate, Nina has apologized.

During media rounds, she got backlash for some of her interviews, after she confused Nigerians, by first saying that she would go back to her boyfriend, Collins.

Then in another interview, Nina revealed that she had not spoken to Collins since she left the house.

The tone in which she replied fans on social media was seen as dismissive and offensive.

In a new post on Instagram, Nina has apologized to her fans and said she is still a learner when it comes to managing fame.

She said;

"Hi guys, just want to clear up certain things. First of all, I did that interview next day after I got back from South Africa.

"And as at then i didn't have a team to teach me certain things….. Secondly, I am still new to this and still learning.

"I want to apologize for sounding offensive or coming across as insensitive in some of my interviews.

"Expressing myself isn’t one of my strong suits however I am willing to learn and I promise I will do better.

"Love you all for understanding and loving me! Bless ??"