The housemates have reached another learning curve in the Big Brother House.

Biggie has made almost all the  Housemates parents, by giving them toy babies, that cry when they are hungry, sleepy or soil their daipers.

Miracle and Anto have twins, Teddy A has three kids- Twins with his love interest, BamBam, and another child with his strategic partner, Nina.

Alex, Ahneeka, were given one child each, while Cee-C and Ifu Ennada, did not get any baby.

The babies in the House got the Housemates bringing their potential parental skills to the fore.

Biggie made sure they enjoyed the 'sweetness' of being kept awake at night by the cries of these bundles of joy.

When the babies cried, the Housemates had no choice be to attend  to them in the early hours of the morning.

Even Anto, who did not like the idea of having babies as flatmates, has adapted to caring for her twins.

Tobi has been a free man, since walking away from the domineering Ccee-C regaining his personal space independence.

He made Cee-C eat the humble pie after she tried and failed to get him to talk to her.

How long will Tobi continue to resist Cee-C?