The housemates have missed the lesson.

It looks like it would take eviction for the housemates to understand that the game is real.

The Housemates wagered 75 percent of their BB Naija shopping allowance, on a House task, and lost.

Biggie showed that he would not tolerate the nonchalant attitude of the housemates who act like they are on holiday.

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They were punished and lost the wager without even presenting their task.

Biggie accused the housemates of breaking the rules, by not speaking purely in English and Pidgin English, not adhering to microphone rules, taking their time to go to the Diary Room, coming into the Diary Room without their tops on (not that the ladies mind), living in a pigsty, and not listening to the Ninjas.

While showing his dissatisfaction with the housemates for disregarding the House rules, Biggie even told Khloe to keep quiet.

Next week's eviciton could be the turning point for these housemates.