Its about to go down.

On March 12 all strategic alliances and pairing will come to an end.

Everybody will answer his or her  father's name and the real final rush for the grand prize will begin.

It's been fun and games when they were 20 housemates, but now it is different.

The dynamics would change and love relationships might just be blown out of the way when 45 million naira is involved.

After evictions on Sunday March 11, everyone will really know where they stand.

Most likely 2 pairs will be evicted. Based on the last evictions, Ifuenda and Leo fell within the lower percentile of the votes.

If this happens again, they will most likely fall within the category preparing to head home.

When Leo goes, if Tobi and Alex(Tolex) survive, Alex can concentrate on winning the money, because her romantic ties with Leo would have reached its 'bus stop'.

If Tolex fail to survive, CeeC will not be distracted by the hunky Tobi, with whom she has a 'cat and mouse' relationship.

And if Ceelo(Cee-C and Lolu) are the second pair to go, Anto who has declared her intentions early in the game, will stop being hounded by love struck Lolu, and get her business done.

If Anto's pairing with Miracle (Mito) get the lowest vote (I doubt it), Nina will be able to get her head in the game.

In the past weeks, she has spent more time carrying out her self-imposed 'wifely' duties, like washing Miracle's clothes or 'playing love' with him.

She is so 'wifed up' that she has forgotten about her boyfriend in the real world.

Rico and Bambam are not up for eviction because Bam Bam won Head of House.

Once the alliances are over BamBam better shove her emotions aside, because Teddy A, whom she saved from eviction is in it for the money.

Believe it, Teddy A would not remember how many couple goals his relationship with Bam Bam has generated in the house.

The race to the 45 million grand prize will really start on March 12 and it seems the 'wahala' just tripled.

May the best woman or man win.

It will really be nice if a woman wins for the first time or what do you think?