I don tell you since say make you free that girl, Miracle said to his friend, Tobi.

This was on Tuesday afternoon when Tobi confided in his fellow lover-boy to share his pains and possible fears about Cee C.

Cee C had earlier accused Tobi of touching her inappropriately when they both slept together on Monday night.

Knowing the implication of such allegation, especially with last season’s disqualification of Kemen still fresh in everyone’s mind, Tobi wondered why she would ever say such.

“Does she even know how damaging that can be?” he asked.

He was more pained by the fact that she got his gesture all wrong as he was only trying to be a gentleman.

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Loved for his bluntness, Miracle went straight-up with Tobi, warning that Cee C would put him in trouble and distract him from playing the game.

“Everyone now knows you genuinely like her but (with her character) now you have to free her,” he warned.

Tobi is fast becoming a fans’ favorite and it looks like only few viewers will like to see him exit the show at this point.

Will he heed his friend's warning and flee from every appearance of evil? Time will tell and we are watching.


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