The moment we've all been waiting for in the Big Brother Naija 'Double Wahala' house finally happened - CeeC and Tobi shared the hottest kiss yet.

Weeks after CeeC had repeatedly turned down Tobi's advances, she finally shared a kiss with him in the store to the delight of audiences and housemates alike.

Tobi and CeeC's turbulent relationship has definitely been one of the highlights of the Big Brother Naija 'Double Wahala' season, and things took an interesting turn yesterday after Big Brother repaired the housemates.

CeeC, who'd originally been paired with Tobi, now found herself paired with Lolu, while Tobi was paired with BamBam; someone he'd admitted to feeling some kind of attraction for earlier. This naturally set CeeC on edge as she shot daggers with her eyes at the pair all day.

By evening though, her new partner Lolu had managed to get her to admit to liking Tobi and we actually saw CeeC begin to let down her very tightly held guard. The following morning however would see her fall-out with Lolu as neither agreed to let the other have their way. This resulted in Big Brother punishing them by forcing them to remain paired. Perhaps this is what finally set CeeC over the edge.

Whatever it was, we're definitely glad to finally get to see some entertainment in the Big Brother Naija house.

See a video of the kiss below: