In front of TBoss and Debbie Rise, Efe spoke his mind #basedonlogistics.

Efe Ejegba, who won the competition says TBoss and Debbie-Rise did not catch his fancy during their 11-week stay at the house in Johannesburg.

"That doesn't mean that there's bad blood between. It's the game. Tomorrow, any of these people I mention, you could find out that we could do certain things together and do great.

"Based on the game, the character they brought into the house and their strategy; TBoss and Debie-Rise."

TBoss, who seemed to be the most controversial person in the Big Brother house, said she liked everybody, but had a soft spot for Debbie-Rise and Marvis.

Debbie-Rise also did not have a least favourite person in the house.

Marvis said she had a least favourite for every week. 

“For this week it could be this person, for next week, it could be that person. For me, it varied." She said.

Bisola picked Miyonse, Cocoice and Tboss as her least favourite people in the house.

"I go with three people, and two out of those three people were people I really thought I was going to be close to.

"One, Miyonse; I thought I was really going to be close to him, because he's Yoruba and he kind of really knew me to an extent.

"CocoIce as well. I thought we were going to be really cool people, but apparently, we weren't.

"Tboss, because we had quite a number of heated arguments", she said.