Gifty has a message for deadbeat dads.

Her new message might be directed to the baby-daddy of her daughter, singer, Mr 2kay.

The former reality TV star took to her Instagram page where she posted a note for all the deadbeat dads around.

In her post, she tried to differentiate between daddy and father.

"There is a giant difference between a dad and a father. Now, a Dad is a sperm donor (one who 'distributes' his sperm around without self-control). While, a father is one who takes full responsibility of his child, from pregnancy till date. If you are a man and feel so proud of calling yourself a Father when you never even full plate b4, then you are nothing but a worthless thing and deserve a miserable death," she wrote.

The actress, who has tried to break the internet with her naked photos 7 times, also praised single mothers who sacrifice everything.

Gifty has a daughter with singer 2Kay and her new statement might just be directed at him to ‘do the needful’.