The Yoruba Demon has met his match in the Big Brother House. You can call it divinely ordained.

The unrepentant woman slayer, continues to make the headlines from the  Big Brother Naija due to his on-off relationship with Cee-C.

Tobi even with all his muscles was weakened by the vixen and dragged into a 'cat and mouse' relationship of sorts since the early days of the reality show.

In the beginning, Tobi threw his ego to the wind and craved Cee-C's attention.

Cee-C turned the 'Shakara' switch on.

She gave the right amounts of scolding, ignoring and sexiness, to keep Tobi literally eating off the floor from her feet.

She prevented Tobi from interacting with the other Housemates and restricted him from dancing during one of the Saturday Parties.

Tobi's brain hit the reset button after speaking to close ally Miracle - who advised him to turn the tables.

Tobi walked out on Cee-C on 3 occasions, while they were talking, and trying to settle their differences, and even put her up for eviction when he returned as Head of House.

After roles were reversed, she started literally throwing herself at him.

It was then Tobi realised that Cee-C loved him, but her fear of losing him to other ladies in the house drove her to lock him inside her 'Inside bottle'.

Her pride would not allow Cee-C show her true feelings.

One proof of her love for this 23 year old hunk was the love letter she wrote to him when she thought she might get evicted.

Tobi is turning a new leaf.

"Any woman I fall in love with after the Big Brother House,  I will marry her", he said.