The drama and wahala in the Big Brother Naija House never ends.

After Ifu Ennada said Alex's buttocks and hips are bigger than Cee C's, the two got into a fight.

Cee-C told Ifu she had 'comparing issues' and is the least person with the right to criticize her.

Her anger might have actually been caused by Alex's closeness to her former partner and love interest, Tobi.

Ifu made the comparison in front of Tobi, who neither took side with Cee-C nor try to calm her down.

Cee-C expected Tobi to take sides with her during her fight with Ifu, but Tobi, who has stopped letting her control him, surprised her.

Tobi told her that she was wrong.

Tobi and Cee-C's love is obviously another taste of Double Wahala brewing.