Big Brother Housemate, Cee-C got herself in all sorts of trouble in the Big Brother House.

Her problems started after she carried out a verbal attack in fellow housemate, Tobi, on whom she emptied all the curse words she could muster.

From there things just went down hill.

 First of all Big Brother removed her as Head Of House.

Then he commended Tobi for not replying before giving her one strike and a stern warning.

Cee-C's sister, Vanessa has jumped in once again.

This time she is not defending her sibling but trying to make sense of all the drama.


''Yesterday's incidence and the consequent outburst really gave me a sour taste. The hardest part comes from all the unanswered questions running through my mind. .
"But thank God the show is almost over, all questions will be answered.

"The journey has been thrilling. Thank you very much to everyone that has supported thus far. God bless you. .  I'm still going to love and support my Cee-C to the END.

"KEEP PUSHING EVEN HARDER TO THE LAST DAY''. she wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, former Big Brother Africa winner, Uti Nwachukwu has come out to support Cee-C. He says she is human and may have anger issues, like he did in the past.

see what he said below

Thank You So Much @siruti ??Regrann from @siruti - Kai!! CEEEECCC!!! U for Calm down na aa???? Firstly, There is no excuse for her behaviour yesterday.I will never support speaking to anyone that way. It was a sad situation & I hope people hav learned the true value of Respect for Another Human Being. That being Said, CeeC We see YOUR flaws,we see your weaknesses. NO BODY HOLY PASS! A lot OF us have had to go thru horrid experiences to learn self control. I for one was extremely Brash in BBA2008 but came back a lot better in BBA 2010! EVEN after winning my temper was still at dangerous levels and i knew there was a problem. Does this mean that i was a Bad horrible person? HECK NO! I grew and i am still growing! Most of us that wear our emotions on our sleeves find it hard to conceal Love, Loyalty, Excitement and of corse the worst emotion-RAGE! No one is perfect! Again, I am NOT JUSTIFYING HER BEHAVIOUR FROM matter the poking or deliberate provocation,No one should react that way in public or in private..BUT THIS CAN ONLY BE LEARNED THROUGH EXPERIENCE. (trust me..i know) We try to be better versions of ourselves daily but during this process sadly, we might still fall. The ability to rise is what makes us victors. Cee C we see you struggling to do better and in the process you fell..its all part of the process..its UR JOURNEY.. What saddens me more is the trolling/insults.A lot of u say she needs psychological is this how u treat someone that needs help? With abuses/ridicule? COME ON!! WE CAN DO BETTER. FROWN UPON IT BUT DONT TROLL!! Its dehumanizing.Temper justice with mercy.Dont act like what you have been condemning(Hypocrisy) Well to everyone reading this Im pleading on her behalf for ur understanding,forgiveness and mercy. Abeeg..SHE HAS APOLOGISED????‍?? If U are a true fan..U stand for who U love especially in their weakest moments..weak support is just is just as futile as a shaky foundation. For those of you that claim u love her. Please be there for her and show Love..why? LOVE CONQUERS ALL (2 wrongs=0 right)shalom #BBnaija #CeeC #Mercy #Forgiveness #Abeg #Love - #regrann

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