Cee-C brings the heat in the Big Brother Naija House.

She got into a fight with fellow housemate, Alex over a blanket, while the housemates were discussing their task about global warming.

Alex had used Cee-C's blanket to clean her glasses, and Cee-C became angry because she had just washed it.

She confronted Alex, and that’s how the argument started.

A lot of 'Are You Mad?' and 'F*ck you's' were exchanged between the two housemates.

During the argument, Alex used Cee-C's love interest as part of her 'vocal arsenal'.

"The  fact that everyone can take your bullshit doesn't mean I can..If you have your issues with your Tobi don't come transfer on me" she said.

While the shouting match lated, Lolu ran from where he was, because the fear of 2 biggie strikes is the beginning of wisdom.

Lolu and Cee-C have been given two strikes by Big Brother for breaking house rules, so Lolu has to always step in to calm the situation.

In this case, by the time he reached the 'scene of the crime' Teddy A  had turned the situation around with a joke.