Big Brother could be brutal when it comes to punishing bad behaviour.

This new task became necessary after, Housemates continued to get involved in shouting matches.

Nina and Alex have been involved in spats with Cee-C, that led to shouting matches and insults, so this task may have became necessary.

Biggie gave the order that housemates were to remain inside designated boxes and any type of movement that would result in the lifting of the boxes were strictly prohibited.

The adventure boxes were meant to help the Housemates think outside the box, while inside a box for 6 hours.

Biggie allowed the housemates to move about, in the confines of their boxes, and limited the Housemates to a single meal option.

While Alex and Cee-C urinated in containers inside their box, Teddy A spent time writing 2 songs.

Biggie is not smilling at all.

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